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About Us

We have a dream, that someday we could be free by living at the sea. Sailing without worries about the place and time. 


Very soon after we met, we discovered that we had a similar dream of freedom and independence. We planned to purchase a sailing dinghy or a small sailboat, and the idea was to later on getting a larger sailing vessel to be located off the west coast of Finland or on the Åland Island. From there, we could sail to our favorite placesin the Finnish archipelago and on the Baltic sea.

In the spring of 2020, we ended up browsing boats for sale ads and we found an old 20-foot sailboat. Already, on the same day we went to see the boat and the next day we had arranged a small test sail with the then owner of the boat. The boat was located relatively close to our home in Lake Näsijärvi. Two days later we were the owners of that little Tilda boat. Anton had experience in sailing and boat handling since his childhood and for  Riikka sailing was a whole new thing. Anton initially had the idea of ​​acquiring a small dinghy that would allow Anton to teach Riikka how to handle a boat and start to learn sailing. However, we didn't end up with the dinghy, but instead a fixed-keel one – training could begin. Exciting!

As many, we started sharing our story and our dreams on Instagram (@bikinileaks) and to get to know other sailors around the world and live some of the experiences through their content – and eventually meet other sailors both nearby and far far away.

Anton and Riikka / Bikinileaks

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